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Hide Buttons and Items in the PDF

When generating a PDF from a board, you have the ability to exclude certain elements from the generated PDF. To hide buttons and other items specifically, you can use the <pdflink> tag.

To hide buttons and items in the PDF
  1. Create a copy of the board view from which you want to retrieve a PDF. 

  2. Remove all items you do not want present in the PDF (like buttons, columns that house only buttons, images, and so forth). Keep in mind that this view still needs to fit on a piece of paper. 

  3. In your view that has buttons, edit the pdflink button by adding the <view> attribute. 

  4. Point the <view> attribute to the PDF view (view="Name Of Your PDF View").

Completion of the above procedure causes the pdflink to pull the PDF from the view you've designed for the specific purpose of PDFs.

To hide buttons and items in the PDF if and only if enabljs=false 
  1. Add this class to the CSS block:

  2. Add this class to any item you wish to hide from the PDF. 

  3. Add this script to the bottom of the board (between the </body> and the </html> tag):

<script type="text/javascript"> 

Entering the code above removes the class upon loading, which causes the items to display. This does not occur at the PDF level because it will not respect the JQuery (which is JavaScript).

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