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Filter for Null

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To filter for null in a given field, create an expression and place it in the board's display view within the <eocrepeatallrecords> tag. For example:

<expression name="fieldnameNull">isNull(fieldname, 0)</expression>

Following this, create a filter and set the criteria:

  • To show null values, fieldnameNull = 0

  • To hide null valued entries, fieldnameNull <> 0 

Note: The field you are filtering for is a text field. Thus, you need to put quotation marks around the value in the filter, as in <expression name="fieldnameNull">isNull(fieldname, '0')</expression>.

Then, create a filter and set the criteria fieldnameNull = '0' to show null values. To hide null valued entries, use fieldnameNull <> '0'.

If the field you want to test for null is status, it appears similarly to <expression name="statusNull">isNull(status, '0')</expression> and statusNull = '0'. Alternatively, it may present as <expression name="RemoveNull">isNull(Remove, 'No')</expression>.

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