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Default Text List Attribute and filterlistdropdown in 8.1

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With version 8.1, WebEOC introduced many new features. Attached is a simple board that highlights the following new features:

  • Added Default Text Option to Drop-down Lists. With this new field attribute, administrators can define default text to display in drop-down lists. This text is designed to guide users when selecting options from a list. If the user leaves the entry with the default option selected, a value is not recorded for this field. 

    Note: Remember to remove any items used previously from the List Manager. 

  • When filtering WebEOC lists using the <filterlistdropdown> tag, new sublist support enhances your filtering capabilities. Specifically, this support allows for filtering using only the list options; filters in the board's display view are not required.

    For example, if you filter a list by Country, a new drop-down field opens and allows you to also filter by State. If you select a state, a new drop-down field opens to allow you to further narrow your results by selecting a City within that state.

In the attached board, the following code is added to the input view to have the tiered drop-down lists along with the new default text attribute:

<select defaulttext="(Select)" name="state" list="States and Counties"></select><select defaulttext="(Select)" name="county" list="States and Counties" parent="state"></select>

In the display view, the following is added to implement the <filterlistdropdown> with new sublist support:

<filterlistdropdown defaulttext="(Select)" field="state" list="States and Counties"></filterlistdropdown><filterlistdropdown defaulttext="(Select)" parent="state" field="county" list="States and Counties"></filterlistdropdown>

Note:  This board is only fully functional in WebEOC versions 8.1+.

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