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Capture Field History with AppendTimeStamp

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The below is one example of how to capture history of a field with the <AppendTimeStamp> attribute. See W3Schools for more information on HTML DOM Events: http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/dom_obj_event.asp.

function AppendTimeStamp()
var orgRecord = document.forms[0].description.value;
var newRecord = document.forms[0].description_update.value;
var stamp = '\r\n - <value-of select=" /data/@positionname"/> - <value-of select=" /data/@username"/> at <currenttime/> on <currentdate/>\r\n\r\n';
if (document.forms[0].description_update.value != "")

//  Below appends the newest information to the bottom
document.forms[0].description.value = orgRecord + newRecord + stamp;

//  Below appends the newest information to the top
//  document.forms[0].description.value = newRecord + stamp + orgRecord;
/*  By default the newest information will append to the bottom of the original record. 
If it is desired to append the newest information to the top of the original record,
delete the "//" in front of document.forms[0].description.value = newRecord + stamp + orgRecord;
then add "//" to the beginning of document.forms[0].description.value = orgRecord + newRecord + stamp;
document.forms[0].description_update.value = ''; //clears the field

function SetSubmitHandler()
  document.forms[0].onsubmit = AppendTimeStamp; //this calls the function on save

window.onload = SetSubmitHandler; /* this is necessary for SetSubmitHandler() to run. YOU MAY ONLY HAVE 1 
window.onload per board view. */
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