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Calculate Hours Elapsed Between Fields

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To calculate the time that has elapsed between two date fields, ensure you have two fields where the value="currenttime" and validates as time. For example, <input type="text" name="time1" size="15" validate="time" value="currenttime" required=""/> and <input type="text" name="time2" size="15" validate="time" value="_currenttime" required=""/> would both work.

If this applies, use the following expressions to calculate the number of hours that have elapsed between two date fields.

Note: The example uses time1 and time2 as the date fields. You will need to change these to match your field names.

(Whole Number Hours)

<expression name="diffhours">datediff(hh,dbo.convert2Local(time1,@TIMEZONE,@DAYLIGHT),dbo.convert2Local(time2,@TIMEZONE,@DAYLIGHT))</expression>

(Hours and Minutes)

<expression name="diffhours"> 
cast(cast(datediff(n,dbo.convert2Local(time1,@TIMEZONE,@DAYLIGHT),dbo.convert2Local(time2,@TIMEZONE,@DAYLIGHT)) as float) / 60 as decimal(10,2)) 
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