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Add a Read More Link

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Many websites have a Read More link on their news and blog pages. You have the option of adding such a link to a WebEOC board by using a <viewlink> and an <expression> tag.

  • field_name: name of the field in the table that you want to display. Only a certain amount of characters are displayed; this is based on nvarchar (100).

  • nvarchar (100): amount of characters to shorten the field name by; maximum is 100 but can be adjusted accordingly to any lesser number .

<expression name="expression1">cast(field_name as nvarchar(100))</expression>
<viewlink name="Detail">[Read More]</viewlink>

In this example, field_name is the field being truncated to the first 100 characters. Both of these elements are adjustable for your field and display purposes. Also in this instance, the Read More link sends users to the display view Detail as indicated in the <viewlink> tag. Adjust Detail to be the name of your desired input or display view.

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