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Manage Audit Logs

As the audit log can contain countless events, searching for a specific log can be helpful. Clearing a log and starting from scratch can also help limit confusion, giving you a clean slate to start logging information once again.

To search and display specific audit log events
  1. In the Admin window, go to System: Audit Log. The Audit Log page opens.

  2. In one or more of the fields, enter search criteria.


    Tip: Partial searches can be performed on a field.

    • Enter the name of the User you want to find log entries for.

    • In the Message field, enter text that is contained within the event description.

    • Enter the position you want to search for.

    • Enter the name of the incident that the user was logged in to when the action was executed.

    • Specify a date range. Enter the from date in the first field, and the to date in the second field.

      • US date format: mm/dd/yyyy (for example, 05/27/2010)

      • International date format: dd/mm/yyyy (for example, 27/05/2010)

  3. Click Apply. Audit log events matching the values specified in your search appear in the page.

    Tip: To remove search filters, click the Clear button. All fields are cleared. The entry list is reset to display the entire audit log.

Clear the Audit Log

Warning: Clearing the audit log permanently removes all events in the log from the WebEOC database. This event information cannot be retrieved once it is cleared.

To clear the audit log
  1. In the Admin window, go to System: Audit Log. The Audit Log page opens.


  2. On the Audit Log page, click the Actions button, and then select Clear Log.

  3. When the confirmation window opens, click OK.

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