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Audit Logs

The Audit Log tracks, records, and displays administrative events that have occurred in the WebEOC system.


This information allows you to monitor, assess, and troubleshoot system activities. You can search the Audit Log based on user, message, position, incident, date range, or a combination of these criteria.

Examples of entries that are recorded in the Audit Log include successful and/or failed logins, forced logouts, account lockouts, deletion of a view, and add/delete/update actions performed in an admin window. The date/time, user, position, and a brief synopsis of the action are provided and displayed in descending chronological order.

The Audit Log can be purged to permanently delete all information.

You can obtain data entry and entry update actions in a status board by generating a report through the Reporter Manager.

View and Sort the Audit Log

By default, the audit log is sorted in descending, chronological order. You can change the sort order by clicking the desired column heading (Date, User, Position, Incident, or Message).


You can also select the numbers in the bottom banner of the Audit Log page to quickly navigate through the list.


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