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View Archived Plugin Data

Currently, archived data for plugins can be viewed for the Checklists and Messages plugins.

To view plugin data for an archived incident
  1. In the Admin window, go to Incidents: Archives.

  2. Click the name of the archived incident that you want to view.

  3. In the Plugins section, click either Checklists or Messages.

  4. If you chose Checklists, open the checklists and click the list you want. The list appears in the Checklists window.

  5. If you chose Messages, all of the messages for the archived incident appear in the Messages window.

  6. To generate a hardcopy, right-click in the display window and use the print option in your browser.

    Note: You can print complex boards or extensive data sets using the Reporter Manager, specifying, filtering, and sorting the data fields.

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