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Archives Overview

The Archives Manager allows you to store, query, and view archived incident data. When archived data is retrieved, board and plugin data are viewed in their original display format.

Note: You will find the Archives option under the Incidents tab only if you have archived incidents from previous releases.


Archived board data can be turned into a simulation. This feature provides the following capabilities:

  • An archived incident can be replayed as though it were occurring in real-time. This valuable tool can aid in post-incident critique and evaluation activities.

  • Once simulated, an incident can be added to an organization’s suite of exercise scenarios for training and evaluation purposes. You can also edit and run it using the Simulator Manager.

  • When the archived incident is simulated, board data is automatically imported and added to the list of simulations in the Simulator Manager.

Note: The MapTac, File Library, and NWS Alerts plugins are not saved when an incident is archived. You should consider generating hard copies as necessary to meet record retention requirements for this specific information.

Viewing an Archived Incident

Archived data can be viewed through two admin managers: Archives and Reporter. If you want to view status board information in its original format, use the Archives Manager.

When using the Reporter Manager, you must create a custom report. Use this manager when you need greater filtering capabilities than are present in the Archives Manager, must sort archived data, or want the information presented in a report format. Refer to the Reporter Manager for detailed instructions.

Note: The date displayed on the Archives page is the date that was configured when the incident was added to the Incidents Manager.

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