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Configure Board Colors and Fonts

In some WebEOC version 7 boards, the agency template code is used in boards to centrally configure colors and fonts. WebEOC version 8 boards do not use this approach; version 8 boards use a new standard interface that maintains consistency between boards and among WebEOC systems. Board colors and fonts are still configured in the Agency Template Manager, however.

To configure the agency template board colors and fonts
  1. In the Admin window, go to Process: Agency Template. The Agency Template page opens.


  2. Click the Actions button, and then select Configure Board Options.


  3. In the Colors section, assign a color to the background of your boards, board headers, table headers, and table rows by entering a color code or clicking inside the field and using the color picker window.

  4. In the Colors, Board Header, Table Header, and Table Entry sections, select a font family, size, style, and color.


  5. Click Save.

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