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Plan and Create an Admin Profile

Use the Admin Profiles Manager to control access to specific administrator functions in WebEOC.


You can configure and assign permissions to specific users with the account type of Partial Administrator. Partial administrators can perform only those administrative functions that you enable, allowing non-system administrators in an organization some degree of administrator privileges, when required, in order to help administrators fulfill their job duties.

You can grant system permissions based on the need and permission level required. For example, a profile can allow a user to manage lists for their agency by assigning an admin profile, while another profile includes a different set of administrator permissions, such as those that allow building boards and checklists.

Similarly, as members of the controller organization, “User A” is responsible for building drill scenarios and “User B” conducts emergency management training. While job responsibilities require both to have access to the Simulator Manager, specific permissions based on need can be assigned allowing “User A” full permissions to edit, delete, and run simulations, while “User B” is only allowed to run the simulator. In turn, “User A” can assign permissions to other users that are equal to or less than their own. “User B” can only assign “Run” permissions to another user.

Users that are designated WebEOC administrators through the Users Manager have full system access and configuration authority, regardless of permissions assigned through the Admin Profiles Manager.

Plan an Admin Profile

Before adding an admin profile, consider the following points in determining specific permissions.

  • Determine the permissions that should be enabled for each user with that profile, such as edit, delete, clear, run, unlock, and more.

  • Is there an existing admin profile with the proper permissions that meets the needs of the user, or does a new admin profile need to be created?

When creating and editing an admin profile, consider the following points.

  • If you want the partial administrator to be able to access the profile, they must be added as a user to the admin profile.

  • If you are assigning the user from the Edit Admin Profile page, you can only add users with an account type of Partial Administrator.

  • An admin profile partial administrator can exercise their assigned permissions to any profile to which they belong, regardless of who created the profile.

  • You can assign the same or more restrictive privileges to users assigned to the profile; users cannot elevate their assigned permissions within the admin profile.

  • In order for the Admin icon to appear, a user must belong to at least one admin profile.

  • Belonging to an admin profile gives that user access to the admin managers to which they have been granted rights. It does not give them access to the Admin Profiles Manager.

In addition, note the following about full and partial administrators:

  • The List permission is automatically selected for most admin managers and cannot be removed.

  • To remove an admin manager from the profile, select the admin manager in the list and click Remove.

  • Users assigned WebEOC full administrator privileges through the Users Manager have full configuration permissions in the Admin Profiles Manager. This overrides any permissions set in the Admin Profiles Manager.

  • Partial administrators have access to only the admin managers and permissions to which they have been assigned.

  • Partial administrators cannot elevate their permissions to another profile.

  • A partial administrator sees only those permissions that they have been assigned. If their user account has been assigned WebEOC full administrator privileges, they can enable and/or disable all permissions for all admin managers.

Create an Admin Profile

Once you know the type of profile you want to create, go to the System: Admin Profiles tab to start creating the new profile.

To create a new admin profile
  1. In the Admin window, go to System: Admin Profiles. The Admin Profiles page opens.


  2. Click Create Admin Profile. The Admin Profiles: Create Admin Profile page opens.


  3. Enter a name for the profile.

  4. To assign a user or users to the admin profile, click Add Partial Administrator.

    Note: Only users with a Partial Administrator account type configured in the User Manager are displayed.

  5. Select the user from the list, and then click Add.

  6. Assign admin managers and set their permissions by going to the Admin Manager section and clicking Add Admin Manager. The Add Admin Manager window opens.

  7. ForAdmin Manager, select Permissions.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Click Save.

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