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Trauma Fields

Most fields in the section can be completed without assistance or explanation. Some specialized fields, however, are unique, and several built-in features allow for even faster completion of this section and its subsections.

The following tips can help you properly and thoroughly complete each subsection of the Trauma section.

General Information

Tip: In TripTix Windows, to remove a single selection from most fields throughout the Trauma section, tap the delete icon next to the selection.

Intent of Injury
Whether the injury was sustained purposefully or accidentally.

Type of Injury
Type of injury sustained.

Location / Area
Anatomical location of the injury.

Trauma Criteria

Trauma Triage Level
Trauma triage level assigned to the patient based on their condition.

Trauma Scorecard
Primary injury that makes the patient a candidate for treatment at a trauma center.

Trauma Triage Criteria
Criteria regarding the patient's condition or mechanism of injury that required activation of the trauma team.

Vehicle & Protective Equipment

Main Area of Vehicle Impact
In TripTix Windows, for the type field, select the type of vehicle involved in the accident. A diagram of the chosen vehicle opens. Next, for the area field, use the diagram that opened to select the numeric value that corresponds to the main area of the vehicle impacted.

Similarly, in TripTIx Web, select the type of vehicle involved in the first field, and select the numeric value that corresponds to the main area of the vehicle impacted in the second field. A diagram opens depending on the vehicle type chosen and blocks off areas numerically.


Advanced Crash Notification

Callback Phone
Use these fields to enter one or more phone numbers by which the patient can be reached. To add more than one number, simply tap the add icon.

If you duplicated a number or added a number that is no longer applicable, click the minus icon to remove it.

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