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Manage Sketches

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In TripTix Windows, you can use the Sketch Pad to quickly enter text or drawings describing the incident. The Sketch Pad includes human body templates in male and female forms for babies, children, and adults, as well as several vehicle layouts and a traffic intersection. In the Sketch Pad window, you can add an image of a car or intersection to begin your sketch. In addition, you can:

When you are done sketching, you can decide whether to include the sketch in the PCR. Any sketches you decide to include become part of the permanent medical record and a copy of each is attached to the Draft report.


In TripTix Web, the Sketch section contains any sketches entered in TripTix Windows on a mobile device. Select the check box in the upper right corner of any sketch that you want included in the patient care record. Click the trash can icon to delete a sketch from the ePCR record. Optionally, click the print icon to print the sketch.


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