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Erase Elements of a Sketch

In TripTix Windows, you can erase elements in a sketch if needed.

Note: When sketching, you can undo any action by tapping the undo icon in the toolbar on the left. To cancel the action that occurred when you pressed the undo button, tap the redo icon.

To erase elements of a sketch
  1. In the side navigation of an open run record, tap Sketch Pad.

  2. Tap a sketch to edit. The Sketch Pad window opens.

  3. In the left toolbar, tap the pencil icon.

  4. In the right toolbar, tap the eraser icon.

  5. Select the eraser size you want to use. The three size choices appear beneath the pencil color options.

  6. Drag the stylus on the sketch to erase any part of the sketch.

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