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Create a Sketch

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In TripTix Windows, you can draw a sketch of the scene that helps others understand how the patient presented, what the vehicle looked like after a crash, or where critical elements of a scene were found.

Note: When sketching, you can undo any action by tapping the undo icon in the toolbar on the left. To cancel the action that occurred when you pressed the undo button, tap the redo icon.

To draw a sketch
  1. In the side navigation of an open run record, tap Sketch Pad.

  2. Tap Create Sketch. The Sketch Pad window opens.

  3. In the left toolbar, tap the pencil icon.

  4. In the right toolbar, select the color and pencil size you want to use. Available options for color are black, red, blue, and green, and there are three size options available beneath the colors.

  5. Use the stylus to draw a sketch.

  6. If necessary, erase, add a shape, or add text to the sketch.

  7. When you are finished, tap Save. The sketch appears in the Sketches section of the Sketch Pad page.

  8. Select whether you want to include the sketch in the PCR.

To edit a saved sketch in the Sketches section, tap it. The Sketch Pad window opens and you can edit the sketch as necessary.

To delete a saved sketch, tap the delete icon beneath the sketch you want to delete. When the confirmation window opens, tap Yes.

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