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Add a Shape to the Sketch

In TripTix Windows, you can use shapes in your sketch to provide frameworks. Add circles, squares, and triangles to outline major regions or create a zone within which key scene elements were contained.

Note: When sketching, you can undo any action by tapping the undo icon in the toolbar on the left. To cancel the action that occurred when you pressed the undo button, tap the redo icon.

To add a shape to a sketch
  1. In the side navigation of an open run record, tap Sketch Pad.

  2. Tap Create Sketch. The Sketch Pad window opens.

  3. In the left toolbar, tap the pencil icon.

  4. In the right toolbar, select the color you want to use.

  5. In the left toolbar, tap the shapes icon.

  6. In the right toolbar, select the shape you want to add.

  7. Drag the stylus on the sketch, changing the size and appearance of the shape. When you lift the stylus, the shape appears as a dotted outline.


    The shape appears as a dotted line because it is not finalized. When you do finalize the shape, it appears with a solid outline.

  8. If necessary, place the stylus on the shape and drag it to a new position.

  9. To finalize the position, tap outside the shape. The shape is finalized and appears with a solid line.

  10. When you are finished, tap Save. The sketch you drew appears in the Sketches section of the Sketch Pad page.


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