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Complete the Everyday Triage Subsection

Everyday Triage (EDT) provides users in the field with a means to quickly triage a patient and send this information via EMTrack® to hospitals or other EMS entities that may be involved in either the event itself or the patient’s continued care.

Linked with EMTrack, a web-based, multi-functional patient and evacuee tracking system, EDT supports information sharing during both emergency events and daily activities. For clients using EMResource®, EDT can even leverage the incoming patient notification interface set up between EMTrack and EMResource, ensuring the proper resources are available and prepared for inbound patients.

If enabled by your department, the Everyday Triage subsection appears within the Scene section.

Prior to being able to send triage data to EMTrack, however, you must establish a responding unit. To do so, log in to TripTix Windows and, from the Home page, click Preset Crew. From the Preset Crew window, ensure a selection is made for Responding Unit, and then click OK.

The Everyday Triage section within the Mass Casualty Incident subsection can now be completed, with information being sent to EMTrack as applicable.

To complete the Everyday Triage section

Important: You must have an Internet connection to send data to EMTrack.

Tip: The list of EMTrack incidents available updates automatically. However, if recent changes were made and do not readily appear, click the refresh icon to pull in current EMTrack incidents, downloading the list in real time.

  1. In the side navigation of an open run record, tap Scene. The section expands to show the available subsections.


  2. Tap Mass Casualty Incident.

  3. Scroll to the Everyday Triage section.


  4. Enter information in the fields using any of the following methods:

    • Using the stylus.

    • Tapping a field to type in an entry.

    • Selecting options from a window that opens.

  5. Optionally, to clear a selection made in a pick-list window:

    • Tap in the field.

    • In the upper right corner of the newly opened pick-list window, tap CLEAR.

    • Tap OK.

  6. To re-enter or clear the information in a single field, tap the clear icon.

  7. Tap Send to EMTrack.

Tip: You must complete all required fields, which are defined by a red line and asterisk. If a required field is not completed, the data will not be sent to EMTrack.

Note: If fields in this section exist elsewhere in the run record, the information entered here will populate those fields when appropriate. If you entered data in fields elsewhere in the run record and those fields appear here, the same auto-population occurs.

A success message appears if information was successfully shared. Additionally, since the initial message appears only for a few moments, a static statement appears to the left of the Send to EMTrack button once information has been sent.


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