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View Uploading Run Records

After saving and finalizing the run record in TripTix Windows, you may want to verify that the record uploaded successfully. If your device has an active Internet connection, verifying the upload is transparent—an ePCR that was just saved appears in the count for Runs Not Yet Uploaded on the Home page.

Once the run record is uploaded to TripTix CDX, any incomplete run records now appear in the count for Incomplete runs. If needed, you can further edit these run records or access them from CDX. Any finalized runs appear in the counts for either Pending Review or Finalized, depending on your department's settings.

Note: Saved run records that have successfully uploaded and are in the Pending Review, Corrections, or Validation Error status can only be edited from TripTix CDX.

When a run record is uploading from TripTix Windows to CDX, the record is not visible in Windows during the upload period. To verify that a run is not lost or missing, users and administrators with access to CDX can easily view the status of uploading runs.

To search for uploading runs using the Advanced Search tool
  1. In TripTix CDX, go to Run Records: Recent Records.

  2. Click Advanced Search.

  3. For Status, select Uploading.


  4. For Last Modified, click Today. This is the end date used in the search.


  5. Click Search. The results table shows only Uploading runs before the current date.


To view the status of an uploading run
  1. In TripTix CDX, go to Run Records: Recent Records.

  2. Locate the run record. If necessary, take any of the following actions:

    • Change the search parameters at the top of the page to encompass the appropriate time period or date range.

    • Use the Advanced Search tool to locate the run.

    • Sort the table by the Status column to group all Uploading runs together.

  3. View the state of the run record by looking in the run's corresponding Status column.

Run records that are uploading contain Uploading in the Status column, and a gold Information button is in the final column.

Click the Information button to view additional record details.


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