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Import Monitor Data

If your TripTix mobile device is connected to monitors, such as Philips® MRx Monitors or ZOLL© Monitors, you can set up an integration between the monitors and the device to import your patient's information directly into the run record. This information can include EKGs and trending vitals throughout transport.

To import monitor data in Windows

Note: If you only have one monitor enabled, the system automatically connects you to it.

  1. At the top of any page within the open run record, tap EKG. The EKG Import window opens, displaying available monitors you can import data from.


  2. Tap the appropriate monitor you want to import data from.

  3. When the window opens, locate the patient case you want to import.

  4. Tap Open Case.

  5. Select the items you want to import. Use the tabs at the top of the window to choose between different types of data, such as waveforms, vital signs, events, and more.

  6. Tap Import Selected Items.

After the data is imported, TripTix creates events in the Events section, automatically sets the appropriate event types, and fills available patient data into event fields.

In addition, patient data is added to the Attachments section of the run record. You can edit or delete these attachments and specify whether they should be included in the ePCR.


Optionally, you can access EKG attachments from the Sketch Pad and add details to them. To do so, go to the Sketch Pad section. In the left toolbar, tap the EKG icon. 


Tap the applicable image from the window, and proceed with adding any notes, comments, arrows, and so forth to the image as appropriate. 

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