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Import CAD Data

Note: This feature may not be enabled for your department. Contact your Client Services Manager for more information about adding the CAD Interface.

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) allows you to view a list of runs that a specified vehicle has made during the past 24 hours. You can then import data from a selected run.

To import CAD data in Windows

Important: Before activating CAD, designate a responding unit in the Responding Unit field in the Incident section of the desired run record or the User Settings page prior to logging in.

  1. From within the open run record, tap the CAD link in the toolbar. You must tap the CAD toolbar link to retrieve new records each time you import CAD data.


  2. Select the desired run from the list and, to ensure it is the correct run, tap View Details.

  3. If a run record is currently open, tap Import.

  4. If CAD was activated prior to creating a new run, tap Create Run.

    • When importing CAD data into an open run, any information previously entered into the associated fields is overwritten and replaced.

    • The following fields may be populated: Incident ID, Call Date, Fire Number, Response Type, EMD Card Number, Mileage, Map Page, Address, Zip Code, Events, Comments, Census Tract.

    • CAD mileage information is automatically imported if available.

Tip: The CAD Detail comments can be imported into the narrative. Contact Support to enable this feature.

To import CAD data in Web
  1. From any page of the run record, in the upper right corner, click Menu.

  2. From the list, select CAD Import. The CAD Import window opens.


  3. Select the date range you want to search within, and then click Search. You may not enter a search range greater than 30 days without also entering a Responding Unit.


  4. Select the record you want to import. To ensure it is the correct run, click View Details.

  5. Click Import.

Note: The CAD data only fills empty fields in the record. Any data entered manually is not overwritten.

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