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Find a Run Record

To locate a specific run that may be lost or outside the 24-month editing window, utilize the Advanced Search feature in TripTix Web.

To locate an existing record in Web using Advanced Search

Tip: When searching, it is beneficial to complete as many fields as possible, narrowing the search and enhancing the system's chance at finding the existing record within the database.

  1. From any page, go to Run Records:  Recent Records.

  2. Click Advanced Search.

  3. Enter the known information about the run record you are looking up. The following fields can be populated:

    • PCR Owner

    • Incident Number

    • Patient Last Name

    • Response Type

    • Receiving Facility

    • Platoon

    • Patient Disposition

    • Additional Crew Member

    • Status

    • Unit

    • Primary Impression

    • Station

    • Dispatched (Date)

    • Last Modified (Date)

  4. After all known information is entered in the applicable fields, click Search.

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