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Find a Run Record

To locate a specific run, particularly one outside the 24-month editing window, you can use either the Advanced or Dispatch ID search features in TripTix Web. If you know the dispatch/incident ID number for the run record, searching using the Dispatch ID method is quick and easy. If you do not know the dispatch/incident ID associated with the run record, the Advanced Search option may be most helpful.

To locate an existing record in Web using a dispatch ID
  1. From any page, go to the upper right-hand corner of the page and click in the Dispatch ID search box.


  2. Enter the dispatch/incident ID number of the run record you want to locate and then press Enter.

    Tip: To search for a run without an incident number, enter EMPTY to return records without these values recorded.

When only one run corresponds with the searched incident number, that run’s Summary page opens up immediately. If the search returns more than one record, you can view the summaries for these runs to determine which one is the appropriate record you are looking for. 


If the incident number is invalid and no run record associated with it can be found, a message appears to indicate this.

To locate an existing record in Web using Advanced Search

Tip: When searching, it is beneficial to complete as many fields as possible, narrowing the search and enhancing the system's chance at finding the existing record within the database.

  1. From any page, go to Run Records:  Recent Records.

  2. Click Advanced Search.

  3. Enter the known information about the run record you are looking up in any of the available fields


    Tip: To search for a run without an Incident Number or a Response Number, enter EMPTY into either of these search fields to return records without these values recorded.

  4. After all known information is entered in the applicable fields, click Search.

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