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Edit a Run Record

You can save run records and come back to PDF, fax, or finish them later.

To edit an existing run record in Windows

Tip: Use the search fields at the top of the window to find the run records you need.

  1. On the Home page, tap Recent Records. The Recent Records window opens.

  2. To open a record for editing, tap the Edit button corresponding to the appropriate record.

  3. Complete each run record section as necessary.

  4. Compose the narrative.

  5. To verify all required fields are completed, check the record for errors.

  6. When finished, tap Save.

Edit a Run Record in Web

When editing an existing run, a draft of the run is automatically created after the first autosave. Therefore, if you navigate to another tab in Web or attempt to close the window without saving the draft you are editing, a window opens to confirm your navigation.


Best Practice: View PDF Versions of Run Records

Clicking Leave this Page in the Confirm Navigation window above causes the run record you were editing to be saved as a draft. This can create confusion when you attempt to edit the run again because you will be prompted to decide whether you want to recover a draft.

To prevent this confusion, it is a best practice to only view PDF versions of the run if you do not actually need to make changes. If you accidentally view an existing record in Edit mode when you did not wish to make changes, do not close the window when you are done viewing the record. Instead, click Save in the upper right corner, and then select Save and Exit.  

The error check window opens with options to Exit Without Saving or Save & Exit. If you select Exit Without Saving, a window opens to confirm your selection. Select Yes if you want to exit the record without saving. The run record closes, changes are not saved, and an unintentional draft is not created for the run record.

To edit an existing run record in Web

Tip: You can also open and edit run records recently created or edited from the Recent Records tab.

  1. From any page, go to Run Records. 

  2. Click the appropriate subtab the correlates with the status of the run record. Most likely, this will be Recent Records. The Recent Records page opens.


  3. In the final column, click the Actions button and select Edit.

  4. If a newer version of the run record draft exists, a window opens asking you which version of the ePCR you want to edit.

  5. Take one of the following actions:

    • To cancel editing of the run record, click Cancel.

    • To edit the last version of the ePCR that was properly saved, click Edit Saved Run.

    • To edit the last version of the ePCR that was autosaved in CDX, click Edit Newer Draft Run.

  6. Edit run record sections as appropriate.

  7. To verify all required fields are completed, check the record for errors.

  8. Correct any errors and warnings as appropriate.

  9. When finished, click Save.

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