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Delete a Run Record

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As a system administrator or department administrator, you can delete any record that has not been finalized. To track deleted runs and maintain a record of activity, all deleted records are logged within the system. The log includes information regarding who deleted a specific record, when they deleted it, and why.

To delete a run record
  1. From any page in TripTix Web or CDX, click the Run Records tab.

  2. Go to the Recent Records, Incomplete Runs, or Pending Review subtab. The tab you choose is dependent on the location and/or status of the run you want to delete.

  3. Locate the appropriate run.

  4. in the final column of the table, click its associated Actions button and select Delete from the list.


  5. In the Delete Run Record window, enter a reason for why you are deleting this record. This field is required and cannot be left blank.

  6. Read the red warning message below the text box and select the check box, confirming you want to delete the record and all its associated materials.

  7. Click Save. A success message appears at the top of the page to indicate the record has been deleted.

Note: The record no longer appears in any of the run record lists, such as Recent, Incomplete, or Pending Review.

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