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Add Crew Member Signatures

From the Incident section, you can manage crew member signatures. Crew signatures are often required for each run record to show that the providers acknowledge the care given to the patient.

In TripTix Windows, you can add a crew member signature when you add the member to the report. You can also add your signature in the system so that it gets applied to each run record you author. The processes for adding crew signatures for both Windows and Web are outlined below.

To add your signature in Windows
  1. From the Home page, in the upper right corner of the page, tap Menu. The Menu window opens.

  2. Tap Tools, followed by Capture Signature.

  3. Use the stylus to sign your name in the text box window that opens.

  4. To send the signature to Intermedix, tap Save.

Note: This is your legal signature and is attached to every run report you submit. You only need to upload your signature once.

To add a crew member signature in Web
  1. In the side navigation of an open run record, click Incident. The Crew subsection is displayed. 

  2. In the Signature column, just to the left of the appropriate crew member's name, click the add icon.

  3. In the Add Signature window, in the Signature field, use your mouse to left-click and sign your name.

  4. If you want to clear your signature and sign again, click the red delete button in the upper right corner of the signature box. The Signature field resets and you can re-sign.

  5. Once satisfied with the signature, click Save. The add icon becomes a green check mark icon.


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