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911 Call Variations

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The following scenarios require variations in the completion of the Incident section.

If the patient was treated at the pickup location and transferred to another transport vehicle at the pickup location:

  • For Response Type, select 911 Response.

  • For Patient Disposition, select Treated, Transferred Care; Treated, Transported by Law Enforcement; or Treated, Transported by Private Vehicle.

Note: This selection removes the Destination section from the report.

If the vehicle responding to a 911 call transports the patient but must transfer the patient to another transport vehicle, such as a medical helicopter, either before reaching or at a medical facility:

  • For Response Type, select 911 Response.

  • In the Destination section, for Destination Location, select I - Site of Transfer.

Note: This option is only used when the patient is transported in the responding vehicle from the pickup location to a transfer location. Document the final receiving facility in the narrative.

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