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Supplemental Software

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TripTix Windows comes with the ability to integrate and connect with EKG monitors using Bluetooth®, Wireless options, or a physical cable connection.


If your department uses the Physio LIFEPAK® 12 or 15, you will also want to install Physio’s CODE-STAT™ 9.0 software. Contact your Physio representative for direction and assistance installing this software.

You can install this software before or after you install TripTix Windows. Once installed, you can set up Bluetooth for imports with Physio EKG Monitors.


TripTix Windows can connect with ZOLL® E-Series monitors via Bluetooth and the ZOLL X-Series monitors via Wi-Fi. In either case, you need to have Code Review installed.

Please contact ZOLL for assistance installing Code Review

Note: The ZOLL Data SDK is also installed with Code Review


TripTix Windows can also receive cases from a Philips® MRx Monitor. HeartStart Data Messenger 2.0 must be installed for this to occur. Contact Philips for assistance installing Data Messenger 2.0.

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