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Run Record Sections

A run record contains many sections that you can use to enter information about the transport. The sections are the same in TripTix Windows and Web, but they are presented differently.

Section Navigation in Windows

In TripTix Windows, sections appear in a sidebar on the left. To navigate through the various run record sections, either tap the section/subsection name on the left, or tap the arrow buttons near the bottom right of the page.

Tip: You can hide the sidebar menu on the left if you want to use only the arrows on the bottom right of the pages to navigate through them. To do so, tap the sidebar icon located to the left of your name in the main toolbar.


Most sections contain several subsections that appear beneath the page title when you open a section. If a section contains subsections, it opens to the first subsection in the list when you tap the section name.

A gray circle with a check mark, the incomplete icon, appears next to the section name if it is incomplete. If a section contains required fields that are incomplete, then a red circle with an x appears next to it. When you complete a section, the circle turns green with a check mark, the complete icon.

Tip: The incomplete icon on sections that do not contain recommended or required fields automatically turns into a complete icon as soon as you open those sections.

Refer to Create a Run Record to learn how to complete all the sections in the run report.

Section Navigation in Web

In TripTix Web, each section name appears in a menu on the left side of the page. To navigate through each section, click the name in the menu of the section you want to edit, or scroll through the page.

Most sections contain several subsections. If a section contains subsections, the first subsection is displayed when you click the section name.

Refer to Create a Run Record to learn how to complete all the sections in a run report.

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