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Run Data and Statuses

This summary links to the various sections of the Run Records page. You can click any number in the Run Data categories to go directly to the corresponding selection window, or you can click the Recent Records link to go to the Recent Records window.

Tip: If you are logged off automatically while a run is open, the record is saved with a Local status in the Incomplete list and automatically uploaded to CDX, if applicable and if an Internet connection is available. To recover the "unsaved" run, tap to open the Incomplete list, then edit and save the run.

Note: If a run passes validation, it queues either to Finalized or Pending Review, depending on whether Supervisor Review is enabled for your department.

Run Statuses

The TripTix Quality Assurance process streamlines ePCR approval and finalization, cycling ePCRs from the point the record is saved through export. The workflow includes Windows, CDX and Department Administrator roles and various run statuses.

Note: Some statuses are used only if Supervisor Review is enabled for your department.

Runs Not Yet Uploaded

Runs that reside only on the local Toughbook; runs that were open if you are disconnected from the Internet or experience a hardware failure, such as a dead battery, while a run is open.

This status may occur for a moment after saving a run, but before it uploads, or when you are disconnected from the Internet. If due to being disconnected, those runs upload immediately when you reconnect. If due to hardware failure or an unexpected shutdown, you may be able to open this queue and recover or discard the report.


Runs that contain errors and therefore cannot be considered complete, or runs that were open when the system logged off automatically.

Check for and correct errors. When all errors are corrected, you are prompted to finalize the record.


Runs that contain no errors; however, warnings may still be present. Completed runs are queued briefly for NEMSIS Validation. Upon submitting a run for finalization, the run is listed here briefly while being validated. If the run passes validation, it either exports or queues to Pending Review, depending on whether Supervisor Review is enabled for your department.

Pending Review

Runs without errors, awaiting Supervisor or QA Review.


Runs sent back to the owner by a Supervisor or QA Reviewer for missing information to be entered. Re-edit to correct the record, and then resubmit it.

Note: Corrections can only be made in TripTix CDX. Only a list of run records in Corrections can be seen in TripTix Windows.


Runs sent back to the owner by either a Supervisor or QA Reviewer for the addition of an addendum to clarify or improve documentation. Add the requested addendum to the record, and then resubmit it.

Note: An addendum can only be completed in TripTix CDX.

Validation Error

Runs that contain NEMSIS Validation errors; in queue for review by a supervisor to identify the problem and return the record to its owner for correction.
Validation errors occur when data in the record does not adhere to the Schematron provided by the state. This validation process is performed independently of the Error Check when submitting your run.

Note: Records with the Validation Error status can only be edited from TripTix CDX.


Runs that have been finalized and can no longer be edited by the report owner; they are, however, available to be viewed or saved as a PDF.

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