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Port Requirements

Port Requirements

Tip: If you encounter problems installing TripTix Windows, contact Support. Email us about non-urgent issues at support@intermedix.com, or call us at 888-735-9559 for immediate assistance.

Most often, TripTix Windows communicates directly with Intermedix servers using a WLAN card. In some cases, however, it may be beneficial  or necessary to use your agency's Wi-Fi or a direct Ethernet connection at your fire station or hospital for this communication. Although this practice is not recommended due to the complexities it introduces, it can be made possible. TripTix Windows can communicate back to Intermedix servers if the following ports are opened on your network when connecting a device directly:

  • tablets.intermedix.com (port 1355) – for software updates

  • tablets.intermedix.com (port 123) – for time synchronization

  • triptix1.intermedix.com (port 5222) – for Jabber messaging

  • triptix2.intermedix.com (port 5222) – for Jabber messaging

  • triptixws.intermedix.com (port 443) – for WebService communication

  • triptixws.intermedix.com (port 8443) – for Servlet communication

Note: This information is subject to change as the product and infrastructure evolves.

Required IPs

To work with Intermedix ePCR products, you must have the following IPs open on your Firewall:

  • Bomgar – bomgar.intermedix.com

  • WebEx – -, -, -

  • TripTix and Fleeteyes –,,,,,


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