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Log In and Out

After you open TripTix Windows, the following Login page is shown. From here, you can log in to the application using either a PIN or password.


To log in to TripTix Windows using a PIN
  1. From the Login page, tap the User field and select your name from the list of available usernames. If necessary, use the Search field to search for your name in the User window.

  2. To enter your PIN, tap the numbers beneath the PIN field. If necessary, tap Clear to re-enter your PIN.

  3. Tap LOG IN. The Home page opens.

Any crew member included in the User window can enter a new run. However, once a run is started, only the crew member who has the run open can modify it. Additionally, only the Primary Caregiver (Crew 1) can submit the run for processing. If your name is not listed as a crew member on an existing run record, you cannot enter or make changes to the run.

To log in to TripTix Windows using a password

Note: This may be the default login procedure you must use to meet your department's security requirements.

  1. From the Login page, in the upper right corner of the page, tap Menu.

  2. Tap Password Login. The following page opens.


  3. In the User and Password fields respectively, enter your TripTix username and password .

  4. Tap LOG IN.

Log Out

To log out of TripTix, tap Menu: Log Off.

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