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Install TripTix Windows

In order to perform the installation of TripTix Windows, the individual installing the software must have administrative privileges to the PC itself so that the installer can access PC files and registry areas. If you are not sure whether you have these access permissions, contact your IT Department.

Note: Although administrative privileges are needed for installation, TripTix Windows can be accessed by those with a standard User account. Consult with your IT Department to verify whether a User account without administrative privileges should be used to access TripTix Windows.

Run the TripTix Windows Installer

After you verify your system has the proper hardware and software, you may run the TripTix Windows Installer.

To install TripTix Windows
  1. Configure the proper Internet options on your device.

  2. Double-click the TripTixWindows.exe file.

  3. In the Welcome to the TripTix Windows Setup Wizard window, click Next.


  4. In the Select Destination Location window, click Next. By clicking Next, the default installation path is retained.


  5. When the Setup window opens during the installation, click Yes. Although you can click No for this message, doing so results in failure of the device to receive updates for TripTix Windows that are sent from CDX. Therefore, any updates to the system must then be manually downloaded and run on each device that uses TripTix Windows.


  6. When installation completes, click Finish.

Before you can start using TripTix Windows to record ePCR data, you must now activate the software and authenticate with your department.

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