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Fields Populated on Lookup or Import?

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What fields can be imported when a SSN Lookup is performed? What fields are imported if a previous patient is found?


If a SSN only match is made and imported into the report, the following fields can be imported, if available.

  • Address

  • DOB

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Middle Name

  • Patient Phone Number

  • SSN

If the SSN search is performed and the Previous Match icon applies, indicating a previous patient was found, information from the below fields can be imported.

Note: The information imported is dependent upon what information was documented previously. Providers should always fully review the information imported after clicking the Verify with Patient button.

  • Address
  • Age

  • Age NVPN

  • Age Units

  • Census Tract

  • Current Medications

  • DOB


  • Environmental Allergies

  • First Name

  • First Name NVPN

  • Gender

  • Last Name

  • Last Name NVPN

  • Medical History

  • Medication Allergies

  • Middle Name

  • Patient DL Number

  • Patient Email

  • Patient Height

  • Patient Height NVPN

  • Patient Phone Number

  • Patient Race

  • Patient State DL

  • Patient Weight

  • Patient Weight NVPN

  • Relative Address

  • Relative First Name

  • Relative Last Name

  • Relative Middle Name

  • Relative Phone Numbers

  • SSN

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