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Connectivity Issues?


Why can't I connect to the Internet? 


Your device may not be connected to a network or air card.


Connect to a Wireless Network

To resolve connectivity issues, you must first view your network status.

The Network Status window opens when you tap the network status icon in the bottom left corner of every page in TripTix. From this window, you can manage your active connections, air card, and wireless network connections. Locate the network you want to access, and tap its associated Connect button.


Connect to a LAN Network

If you cannot gain wireless access, plug a LAN cable into your device to gain Internet connectivity


If the device still won't connect, save and exit any open run records. Then, open the Main Menu and tap Power, followed by Shutdown/Restart.

Note: Do not press and hold the power button while a run is open in an effort to reboot a device – this could cause run corruption.

After shutting down, the device can either be turned back on or restarted again.

Turn on the Wireless Switch

If you are using a CF-19, shut down the device and then verify that the wireless switch is turned on. To do so, open the side hatch and verify that switch is set to on. Close the hatch, and then power up the device to see if connectivity is restored.

Verify the SIM Card Placement

If you are using a CF-19, shut down the device and then open the back soft hatch to see the SIM card. Gently press in on the card to release it and then press it back in to seat it; you do not need to remove the card from the slot at any point. Close the soft hatch and power the device up to see if connectivity is restored.

Contact Support

If your device still won't connect to the Internet after taking the above measure, connect your device to a LAN cable and call Support for further troubleshooting.

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