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Wireless Philips Monitor EKG Transfers

With TripTix 4.1.11 and later, it is possible for users to import data from their Philips Monitor directly into the ePCR. Configuring Wi-Fi transfers requires a configured Philips Wireless Link and completion of the following procedure.

Tip: For a more in-depth review of the Philips Monitor, access the manufacturer’s guides for your specific model.

To transfer data from a Philips MRx monitor to TripTix Windows
  1. Turn on the MRx device and press the i button.

  2. Use the up and down arrows to highlight Data Management, and then press the check mark button.

  3. When the confirmation window opens, press the check mark button again.

    Note: This action closes monitoring mode.

  4. Wait for the Wi-Fi link to light up.

    Note: It takes about 35 seconds for the wireless access point to start up after you enter Data Management mode.

  5. Use the Prev Item and Next Item buttons to highlight the appropriate case for transfer.

  6. In TripTix Windows, from the main Home screen, go to Menu: View.

  7. Tap Network Status. The Network Status window opens.

  8. Tap the Manage Wireless Network tab.

  9. Connect to the Wireless Link SSID.

  10. Open an ePCR in TripTix Windows and tap the EKG button.

  11. If prompted, tap Philips MRx Monitor.

  12. On the MRx, press the check mark button. The Menu opens.

  13. Verify that the Send Selected option is highlighted and then press the check mark button again.

  14. Select data for transfer as appropriate, following prompts, and then press the check mark button.

Once data has been successfully transferred from the monitor to TripTix Windows, a Transfer Complete message appears on the MRx.

Refresh TripTix Windows to ensure the case has been received. When received successfully, you can open the case and select the items for import into the ePCR as applicable.

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