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Verify Bluetooth Settings

After you have uninstalled the Bluetooth Stack and configured Microsoft Bluetooth settings, verify that the Bluetooth connection between your EKG monitors and Toughbooks is operational.

To verify Bluetooth settings
  1. From the top menu, navigate to Utilities: System Configuration.

  2. Click LIFENET System Configuration. A window opens.

  3. Click the Device Data Reception tab.

  4. Verify the COM port (from step 7 of Configure Microsoft Bluetooth Settings) appears in the list.

  5. If the same COM port from step 7 is not in the list:

    • Click Modify.

    • In the Available table, select the appropriate COM port.

    • Click >>. The COM port appears in the Use table. If the wrong COM port was added, select the port and click <<. The COM port moves back into the Available table.


    • Click OK.

Note: Once Incoming (device initiates the connection) is added, the new COM port appears in the COM Ports tab of the Bluetooth Setting window. You need to select the same COM Port when configuring CODE-STAT Reviewer.

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