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Convert Toughbooks into Tablets

Make it easier to use the Toughbook's touchscreen by switching the device into tablet mode. Tablet mode can also be helpful when getting a patient signature, making it easier for the patient to sign without bumping into the keyboard. 

Important: To avoid damaging the screen, always convert the Toughbook back to laptop mode and close it when not in use.

To convert the Toughbook from laptop mode to tablet mode
  1. Open the Toughbook.

  2. Slide the Display Release latch to the right.

  3. Rotate the screen of your Toughbook until it is facing the other direction.

  4. Fold the screen down so it is facing up and is flat against the keyboard.

  5. Lift up on the screen latch and lock it into position.

  6. Reverse this process to return to laptop mode, or close the Toughbook.

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