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Compliance Fields

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Most fields in the section can be completed without assistance or explanation. Some specialized fields, however, are unique, and several built-in features allow for even faster completion of this section and its subsections.

The following tips can help you properly and thoroughly complete each subsection of the Compliance section.

General Information

CMS Transportation Indicator

Important: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) use the CMS Transportation Indicator and CMS Service Level fields, among other aspects of the report, to determine whether to cover services rendered by ambulances. Take care in properly documenting the information in these important Compliance fields.

Use this field to indicate the patient's condition or circumstances of the call that made ambulance transport necessary or highly recommended. This field can also be used to document why a certain form of transport was used (such as air versus ground due to weather or traffic patterns).

Special Paramedic
Whether the paramedic acted within the scope of their certification.

CMS Service Level
Use this field to indicate the highest level of care the patient received during the call.

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