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Scheduled Maintenance Windows

Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure optimal operations of the TripTix and CDX systems, Support routinely performs system maintenance. While this maintenance is essential to the proper functioning of your system, such maintenance may temporarily impact the performance of these solutions. 

As a general rule, system maintenance typically occurs on Sundays from 4 AM EST - 8 AM EST. Although flexible, this standing window can make you prepared for possible known or expected system performance issues during this time.

Release Window

TripTix and CDX are updated to the latest version on the third Wednesday of every third month. System unavailability may be experienced during the update.

Issue Reporting

If you experience issues with system performance outside this window, an acute error may have occurred. Our Support team will make every effort to send an email or post a message within the system to alert you of any emergency maintenance required.

In the event that no message has gone out alerting you of maintenance or a system issue, please notify Support of any issues you experience that may not yet be reported. Support Team: 888-735-9559.

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