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Manage Complaints

In TripTix Web, adding patient complaints is slightly different than in TripTix Windows. The following procedures outline how to add and manage patient chief complaints in TripTix Web.

To add a complaint in Web
  1. In the side navigation of an open run record, click Chief Complaint. The Complaint subsection is displayed.

  2. Click Add Complaint. A new row opens in the complaints table.


  3. Select the appropriate type of complaint, such as Chief (Primary) or Secondary.

  4. For Complaint, enter the patient's chief complaint.

  5. Optionally, to select a not value for this field, click the Not Value button.


    • Select the appropriate not value: Not Applicable, Not Recorded, or Not Reporting.

    • If you wish to enter a custom chief complaint value instead, click the Edit button.

  6. For Duration, enter the numerical value in the first field and select units for the second.

To edit or delete a complaint in Web
  1. In the side navigation of the open run record, click Chief Complaint. The Complaint subsection is displayed.

  2. Go to the complaints table.

  3. Click in the field you want to edit and make your changes.

To delete a complaint, click the appropriate complaint's corresponding trash can icon.

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