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Cardiac Arrest Fields

Most fields in this section can be completed without assistance or explanation. Some specialized fields, however, are unique, and several built-in features allow for even faster completion of this section and its subsections.

The following tips can help you properly and thoroughly complete each subsection of the Cardiac Arrest section.

General Information

Time of First CPR
Time CPR was first started.

Arrest After Arrival of 911 Responder
Whether the cardiac arrest occurred after the arrival of a 911 responder.

Person Starting CPR
This field is read-only unless Yes is selected for the CPR Provided Prior to EMS Arrival field.

Bystander CPR Provided
Whether a bystander provided CPR for the patient.

Dispatcher CPR Instructions Provided
Whether a dispatcher provided CPR instructions to a bystander/the 911 caller.


AED First Applied by Police
Whether an AED was first applied by police.

Time First Shock
Time the first shock was given.

Who First Defibrillated the Patient
Individual who provided the first defibrillation of the patient.

Police First Defibrillated Patient
Whether police provided the first defibrillation of the patient.

Number of Shocks Delivered
Total number of shocks given during the resuscitation attempt.


ROSC First Occurred
When return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) occurred.

Sustained ROSC
Whether return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) was achieved.

Reason CPR Discontinued
This field is read-only until a date and time are entered in the Time CPR Discontinued fields.


Mechanical CPR Device Used
Whether a mechanical CPR device was used on the patient.

Mechanical CPR Device Detail
Type of mechanical CPR device used on the patient.

Automated CPR Feedback Device
Whether an automated CPR feedback device was used during the resuscitation attempt.

ITD Used
Whether an impedance threshold device (ITD) was used during the resuscitation attempt.

ITD Used With
Device the impedance threshold device (ITD) was used in conjunction with.

Whether the patient was experiencing an ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI).

STEMI Detail
Location in the heart where the STEMI occurred.

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