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Use the Device Camera

For Toughbooks or mobile devices with built-in cameras, it is possible to capture an image using your device for use within a TripTix Windows ePCR. This feature can be accessed on the Home page, within the Tools section of the Menu, but it can also be accessed internally from within an active ePCR. If accessed via the latter route, you can attach any image taken from the camera directly to the open ePCR.

To take a picture from within an ePCR

Note: If your device has only one capture source, the Select a Video Device drop-down is disabled and automatically populates with the existing capture source.

Tip: To cancel use of the camera at any time before taking the photo, tap DISCONNECT.

  1. From any page of the open run record, go to the top right corner of the page and tap Menu. The Menu window opens.

  2. Tap Tools, and then Camera.

  3. In the Camera window, tap Connect to activate the camera. If an error message window opens, close the error window and attempt to connect again.

  4. From the Select a Video Device drop-down list, select the video source you want to use for the image capture and then tap OK. The Camera window opens and shows what the camera currently has in view.

  5. Adjust the view as needed until the field you want captured appears in the window.

  6. Tap TAKE PHOTO.

  7. To cancel use of the camera at any time before taking the photo, tap DISCONNECT.

  8. Optionally, to crop the image, right-click and drag your cursor from the upper left of the screen toward the lower right. Tap TAKE PHOTO. The area within the box is the only region that is captured in the photo.

  9. Tap SAVE PHOTO. A window opens asking if you want the image attached to the open ePCR.

  10. To attach the image the ePCR, tap Yes

  11. To keep the image independent of the patient record, tap No.

  12. Tap Close. If you selected Yes, the image appears in the Attachments section of the ePCR. If you selected No, the image is stored on your device's hard drive.


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