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Perform Tasks Using a Keyboard

Learn more about using the keyboard to log in, make multiple selections in a multi-select pick list, and add an assessment to TripTix Windows.

To log in to TripTix Windows
  1. From the Home screen, tab into the Medic field and press either Enter or the spacebar.

  2. Either begin typing your name in the filter field or tab down to your name in the list.

  3. Press the spacebar to confirm your selection.

  4. Tab into the PIN field and enter your PIN.

  5. Press Enter.

To locate an option in a drop-down list
  1. Tap in the applicable field. The drop-down list and/or options window opens.

  2. Tap in the search field.

  3. Begin entering the first few letters of the option you want to select for the field.

  4. Either finish typing the name of the option or tap the option in the narrowed-down list of possible options.

  5. Tap OK.

To make multiple selections in a multi-select pick list

Note: Multi-select pick lists, those that allow more than one option to be selected, have check boxes next to each option instead of round radio buttons.

  1. To open the multi-select pick list window, press Enter or the spacebar. 


  2. Use Tab or the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate to the appropriate option.

  3. Press the spacebar to select the check box.

  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for each option you want to select.

  5. When finished making selections, press Enter.

To add an assessment
  1. In the New Assessment window, tab to each field and enter information as appropriate.

  2. Move to a new tab by pressing Tab, followed immediately by the spacebar. You cannot be within a field when you perform this action; you must have the tab itself selected.

  3. When finished adding assessment details, press either Enter or the spacebar. The assessment appears in the Assessments table.

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