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Manage Default Crew Settings

Complete the following instructions if members and/or response vehicles remain the same throughout your shift. Once set, these options persist until changed.

Note: You can change these settings at any time.

To select or change the preset crew settings in Windows
  1. Log in to TripTix Windows and, from the Home page, tap Preset Crew. The Preset Crew window opens.


  2. For Crew, tap the first field. The Member window opens.


  3. Select the applicable crew member, and then tap OK.

  4. Tap the second field. The Response Role window opens.


  5. Select the applicable roles held by the crew member for the response, and then tap OK. Note that the individual who creates a new run record is automatically defined as the Record Owner.

  6. Click Add. The crew member appears in the crew members table.

  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for each crew member.

  8. Select the default responding unit to be used for your response.

  9. Select the applicable platoon for your responding crew.

  10. Select the branch your responding unit falls within.

  11. Select the station from which your unit is responding.

  12. Tap OK.

Note: The options that appear for Responding Unit, Platoon, Branch, and Station are controlled by your Department Administrator. Therefore, if the option you are looking for does not appear in one of these lists, contact your Department Administrator.

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