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Keyboard Tips

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It is possible to complete a run record in TripTix Windows using only a keyboard. For those limited to use of just the keyboard, here are some tips and tricks to help you successfully complete run records in a timely, efficient manner.

General Keyboard Tips

The following are general keyboard rules to accomplish tasks throughout TripTix. For more specific instructions on completing specific elements of the ePCR, see Perform Tasks Using a Keyboard.

  • To move from field to field, press the Tab key. Continuing to press Tab eventually navigates you to the next section.

  • To move from tab to tab within a section, press Tab + Enter. For example, in the Scene section, press Tab + Enter to navigate from the Street Address tab to the Intersection, Miles Post or Roadway, and Facility tabs.

  • To confirm an action or make a selection, press either Enter or the spacebar. For example, when a button or selection is highlighted, Enter to populate the given field with the highlighted selection or open the desired window.

  • To open a pick list, tab to the field and press Enter or the spacebar. The pick list opens and you can either search in the filter field or tab to the appropriate option.

  • To move within pick list windows and navigate to the different options, use the Up and Down arrow keys. Tabbing also moves you from option to option in a pick list.

  • To make a selection from a pick list, open the pick list (by pressing Enter or the spacebar), navigate to the proper option, and then press the spacebar.

  • To exit a pick list window, press Esc. Unless a selection was made from within the pick list, the window closes without populating the field with a value.

  • To open the window's menu, press Alt + spacebar. Use the Up and Down arrows to move between the options, Move, Size, Minimize, and Maximize, and press Enter or the spacebar to make a selection.

Knowing which field you are currently in can help you navigate between sections and know how many times you must press Tab or Enter to move to a new section, field, and so forth.

  • If you are in a free text field, you will see your cursor in the field, of which will also be highlighted blue.


  • If you are in a pick list field, the field is highlighted blue.


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