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The following list describes tips for using barcodes.

  • Barcode numbers do not need to be used in sequential order.

  • Barcode numbers on the documents and the numbers entered in the Final page fields must match exactly. Do not enter any spaces between the numbers.

  • Apply only one barcode to a multi-page document. Clip or rubber band the pages together and place the barcode on the top page.

  • Only use the barcodes supplied by Intermedix. If you do not have any barcodes, send them unlabeled and with the information listed in the Incident section attached to the first page of each document or set of documents.

  • Do not use a barcode to close an EKG print roll. Roll the strip and secure it with a paperclip or rubber band. The Intermedix scanner can process a continuous 150 foot strip.

  • Send all barcoded documentation to Intermedix using the supplied FedEx® account number. This can be done weekly or monthly, depending on the quantity of documents acquired. Your Department should have a designated location to turn in the paperwork.

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