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About Resource Details

Your resources are entities (facilities, organizations, and agencies) that report specific information, such as medical capabilities, capacities, services, and/or supplies, such as ICU, ED, evacuation, dialysis, bed availability, hazardous materials, and pharmaceuticals.

See the following sections for information on resource and sub-resource details.

Resource Details

You can view or edit resource details from the View pages. Following is an example of a Region Default view.


Click the resource's name to view its detail:


The top portion of the Detail View displays the resource's detail and a map of its location. EMResource uses Google Maps™. Use Google's standard map tools to zoom in and out, move the map to change focus, view traffic and/or satellite information, and more.

You can edit the resource by clicking the edit resource details link (if you are authorized to edit it). You can also refresh the information in the view, print it, or go back to the previous View page (back to view).

The tables directly below this area show this resource's reported statuses, organized by sections your region set up. In this example, the Current Status section includes two status types and the MCI section includes one.


Below this, the page shows all associated sub-resources and the resource's contact information.

If you are authorized to initiate IM chat sessions, you can start a session from the resource's detail page. In the Users section, the names of users who are currently online appear in green. Click the user's name to start the session.

Sub-resource Details

A resource can own sub-resources, which can range from equipment to contact information. Sub-resources are also designed to report statuses. This two-level hierarchy allows both the facility and an item it owns or service it provides to report statuses appropriate to its level.

The primary sub-resource of any resource type can be included in views. When it is, you see the sub-resource and its status types.


If you are authorized to update the parent resource's statuses, you can also update its sub-resources' statuses from the view.

In addition, sub-resources can appear in a resource's Detail View. When included, they appear after the resource's status types. There is a section for each sub-resource type associated with the resource. Each section provides the names of sub-resources of that type, and also shows which sub-resource is the primary one of that type by displaying a flag icon   next to its name. If you have the appropriate rights, you can add sub-resources from these sections by clicking the appropriate Add button.

Click a sub-resource's name to view its detail.


The sub-resource's Detail View page opens.


If you have the appropriate rights, you can edit the sub-resource by clicking the edit link.

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