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About Dashboards

Dashboards act as a frame for displaying important information about the status of resources. Initially, dashboards consist of a name and one to four blank columns. Dashboards are populated by adding gadgets that identify a resource group and specify display parameters. Resource groups consist of resources that share one or more characteristics. Some resource groups are provided, but you can also create your own resource groups. When selected on a gadget, information about resource groups is processed and displayed on your dashboard whenever you access it.

Accessing the Dashboard

The Dashboard page is accessed through the View menu, by clicking Dashboard. The last viewed dashboard is open by default, but you can select any dashboard in the list to view it.

Access your dashboard through View > Dashboard

Dashboard Permissions

Dashboards can be created by administrators and shared with you, or you can create your own dashboards. You can create multiple personal dashboards, navigate between dashboards, and manage your dashboards by copying, editing, or deleting them.

The information and data that appears on dashboards is restricted according to user roles and permissions. In general, you can only see information about resources to which you have access. If you have permission to edit shared dashboards, your changes will affect the appearance of all users’ dashboards.

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