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Import a User

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If your region is using more than one Intermedix product, you may be taking advantage of Common Account Management (CAM). CAM synchronizes user IDs and passwords across these products so that users and administrators do not have to maintain separate login information for each product. CAM also synchronizes a specific set of user profile settings. Furthermore, CAM allows users to go from one application to another without having to log in to each individually.

Administrators with the appropriate rights can import a user into their region's user database. To use this feature, you need to know the user's user ID (user name) from the other application.

By default, the imported user is assigned your region's default role and has viewing rights for every resource in the region default view. As you work with the user account, you can change these settings.

To import a user
  1. From any page, open the Setup menu in the main navigation bar and click Users. The Users List opens.

  2. Click Import User. The Import Users page opens.

  3. In Username, enter the user's username (User ID).

  4. Click Import. A confirmation page opens showing the user information that will be imported into EMResource.

  5. Click Import.

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