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Export User Information

You can export the user list to a spreadsheet or comma-separated value (CSV) format. The exported file contains the information you see in the user list, along with several other details.


To export only a portion of the list, use the Search fields at the top to locate the subset of users.

You can use Microsoft® Excel or a text editor to work with this file. Potentially, you can use this data in conjunction with database applications.

Following is an example of the export file:


In addition to each user's full name, organization, username, and status, the list includes contact information and the following data:

  • Last Login - Date and time the user last logged in.

  • Security Q&A - Specifies whether the user has set up their security question and answer.

  • Pwd Expired - Indicates whether the user's password has expired.

  • Pwd Expires - Indicates when the user's password is going to expire.

  • Pwd Expires In - Indicates the number of days until the password expires. If it has already expired, the number in this column is negatives and indicates how many days ago it expired.

To export user information
  1. From any page, open the Setup menu in the main navigation bar and click Users. The Users List opens.

  2. If appropriate, search for the set of users you want to export.

  3. Click export. Open the .csv file or save it.

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